You will treat failure differently after reading this

How much success you achieve in life depends directly on how you react towards failure

Photo by Doran Erickson on Unsplash

Most of us give up after 1 or 2 failures. Only a few warriors still keep fighting. These are the people who actually are successful.

We need to understand that the true test of life isn’t to see whether you will fall, it’s whether you will get back up after you fall. If we really want that dream to come true, stopping after failing is the worst thing to do.

Let me tell you a story and teach you a concept

Let’s say his current P(S) = 0.5, means he has a 50% chance of success.

“Don’t be afraid to start over again. This time, you’re not starting from scratch, you’re starting from experience”.

P(S) = 0.6, means he has 60% chances of success

P(S) = 0.80, 80% chances of success this time

“The biggest hurdles usually comes when you are closest to your destination”

Photo by Caleb Ekeroth on Unsplash



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Yash Raj

Here to help people in their personal development. Software developer by skill, an artist by passion. Writing my first book, "The burn of failure"